I’m an ideapreneur. 

I work at the intersection of design and business.

Marketing. Branding. Customer Discovery. 


about ME

The intersection of design and business.

I have a passion and enthusiasm for marketing, branding and idea creation from a business development perspective. During the week, I enjoy helping businesses grow at Mighty in the Midwest— a digital strategy, design, and development company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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A mind like a pinball machine.

My passion for design and business goes beyond the office walls. Like you, I have a (seemingly) never-ending list of to-dos. Check out what I'm working on right now; personally, professionally, and relationally. 




Thoughts in 140 characters or less.

Ideas, opinions, suggestions, and praise based on my current thoughts and media intake. @kevin_deane, #brandgeek




Inspiration comes from working.

Being an idea guy can be a blessing and a curse. I find idea creation to be extremely energizing. But, the ole' saying of "ideas are a dime a dozen" is true. The amount of ideas, projects, websites, etc. that I have in my spark file at any moment can be exhausting. Here are the projects I have prioritized. Note, many of them are passion projects and/or ideas I can share within communities. Perhaps, I'll become an entrepreneur one day, but for now, I'm ok with ideas being 'cheap.'