Inspiration comes from working.


Being an idea guy can be a blessing and a curse. I find idea creation to be extremely energizing. But, the ole' saying of "ideas are a dime a dozen" is true. The amount of ideas, projects, websites, etc. that I have in my spark file at any moment can be exhausting. Here are the projects I have prioritized. Note, many of them are passion projects and/or ideas I can share within communities. Perhaps, I'll become an entrepreneur one day, but for now, I'm ok with ideas being 'cheap.'


jwimshwif14-jeff-sheldon copy.jpg


Disruptus is a children's game designed to open minds and encourage disruptive thinking. I've put a different spin on it over the past year—allowing me to scratch a innovation itch. Ideas have intentionally not been curated, but my notebook may be pushed "live" at some point.

A Call for More Good Still.png


# Ideas that Matter is a notebook—lead by Sappi—to ignite creative thinking to create inspiring solutions for today's issues. This practice has me buzzin'. I look forward to sharing insights to like-minded non-profits who already have a winning platform.


HMMVW is the story of the original Hummer design and build. How a brilliant blend of design and engineering constraints has lead to nearly 40 years of military use.  


Nostalgia is an audio/video project (series) I started on a couple of years ago. Still working on the delivery but the material comes from reflective interviews with seniors I am closest with. 

A Consumer goods company

I'm working with a friend to launch a niche consumer goods company. Once we source material from China, we'll be looking to be in a high(er) end retail store near you.